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We get moon-faced with the exposure quandary during this episode as inexperienced Grove’s annual “Fall Festival” approaches and most of the voters begin to oppose Danny’s attending.


Jo and Danny had been considering back and forth if they must attend the evening dance along or not, however by all the angry glances and outbursts, specifically from one man (who eventually gets into a physical argument with Desai), that call is clearly a tough one. However, one girl defends Danny and says that it’s his right rather like everybody else’s to attend the pageant. is that this a signal that a lot of individuals can begin to condole with Danny?

Jo and Danny do find yourself attending and really have an excellent time, reminiscing regarding yore and even slow performing arts. Jo’s mother Tess was even encouraging the 2, despite her husband’s furious claims. Their date would presently be interrupted, though, with one thing that may shake the plot like the devil.


Lacey continues being secluded from Danny, Jo, and most everything during this episode. The show starts off with Lacey’s dream, wherever she talks with Regina in her sleeping room and asks her regarding the jewelry. This pushes Lacey to go to Regina’s mother, and he or she asks her wherever Regina had gotten the jewelry. though Lacey doesn’t receive any helpful info, she finishes up providing to assist with Regina’s mother’s mail and finds one thing horrific – a letter sent to Regina 2 days before the murder with many bucks within it that reads, “This is your payment. Deal holds, keep your mouth shut. If you tell anyone.. You’ll grasp what’ll happen.” Lacey is weary (as always) to inform the police attributable to what would possibly follow, however she astonishingly release to Danny regarding it, and that they find yourself caressing. Danny clearly needs to clear his name and demands Lacey to require the letter to the police, and also the episode ends with Lacey and Danny showing Jo the letter.

It was certain to happen. the 2 best friends begin to drift away. within the last episode, it appears like RICO Act and Danny were turning into comparatively shut, however Jo and Danny’s prolonged amounts of your time spent along makes RICO Act become somewhat jealous during this episode. whether or not it absolutely was attributable to Danny being pushed into and knock over the mathlete’s “pi pie” stand at the pageant or Danny and Jo reconnecting on the dancefloor, RICO Act appears to search out Danny as a true nuisance currently and starts to doubt him. He disagrees with Jo regarding Danny’s real intentions, and whereas he’s walking home from the pageant, he sees Tess Desai obtaining obviate the jewelry in an exceedingly lake. unhealthy plan from Tess for herself, sensible plan for the plot.

In the last episode, Danny’s mother Karenic found wherever Danny had been concealment the necklace: underneath the cup holder of her late husband’s recent chair. She tries to urge Danny to ‘fess up regarding the jewelry, however is unsuccessful and decides to require a visit to go to Danny’s new specialist (whom Danny thinks could be a joke, by the way). She expressly asks the specialist what the traits of a mental case square measure, and it appears like she connects some of them with Danny, that makes it even a lot of confusing why she threw the sole real proof there was that Danny killed Regina into the lake. Perhaps, the meeting with the specialist solely makes her wish to safeguard her son a lot of.

This episode was undoubtedly the foremost drama-filled episode of the season to date, and I’m extraordinarily excited and curious on wherever the show goes to travel next. Twisted could be a mystery tv series at it’s finest, and I’m positive where it will goes next are going to be on top of and on the far side thrilling.